Ian Hustwick - Chairman

bridgeSince election to the Trust in 2006 lan has focused on his role as a consumer representative, and has contributed to Westpower’s business development through the Statement of Corporate Intent. Ian is a Mining Engineer with over 30 years of experience in mining operations, management and marketing both in New Zealand and internationally. He is actively involved in the coal industry. Ian brings a wide range of knowledge, commitment, experience and community involvement to the Trust. Ian wants to contribute to a stable, efficient and affordable electric power supply for both domestic and commercial users in the Trust’s area. Ian is supportive of Westpower’s business diversification into consulting and plans for power generation on the West Coast. He sees this opportunity as a means of maintaining the distribution network at a high standard while keeping charges to consumers as low as possible.

Greg Topp - Deputy Chairman

No Image Greg’s entire career has been involved in the electrical industry in some form. Firstly starting as an apprentice with the West Coast Electric Power Board in 1974 and then with Westpower in the later years. Both as an electrician and a solo area serviceman in the glacier region. In 1993 he and his wife Donna set up their own contracting business in Reefton. They then expanded the business to incorporate a retail outlet and employ a staff of five. Greg is a believer in supporting community initiatives and a fervent supporter of the West Coast and it’s people. At this stage of his career he would like to be able to contribute and to give back to the industry which has been supportive of himself.

Bernie Lee - Trustee

bridge A working career in the Electrical Industry, started as an apprentice, with the Grey Electric Power Board that led to involvement, in various projects, in the whole of the Westpower Network. A West Coaster by birth and a lifetime residing within the Westland District. Registered Electrical Inspector (competence in Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Hazardous Area and High Voltage Installation), Approved Metering Contractor, Approved Training Provider for the Electrical Workers Registration Board. Thirty three years with the Voluntary Fire Service, Past President of the West Coast Rugby Union, Past President of the Canterbury/Westland Branch of the Electrical Contractors Association and a New Zealand Standards Committee appointment for the development of SHZ HB 6117 Handbook (Electricity Supply to/for Dairy Sheds) are other achievements. Westpower has developed a sound Network Standard and the same must be maintained, to provide a safe and efficient supply. Westland has vast amounts of ‘Hydro Generation’ that must be investigated and developed.

Bryce Thomson - Trustee

No Image Bryce has lived on the West Coast, in the Westland District his entire life. He has 37 years of experience in the Electricity Industry from 1969 to 2006 where for 28 years he was working within Westpower’s electricity network and a further 9 years self-employed. He continues to have a keen interest in the industry. He also has 23 years governance experience in roles, including 18 years in local government. He is also currently a director of Westroads Ltd. Bryce supports further investigation of Hydro and other generation on the West Coast along with investment for maintenance and new network infrastructure to ensure all consumers have a reliable and continuous supply of electricity at an affordable rate.

Peter Ewen - Trustee

No Image With some 20 years of hands-on local body governance experience within the region, Peter feels his understanding of the challenging issues facing the Coast has him well-placed to contribute positively to Westpower's visionary project and economic goals. As a long-standing elected representative on the West Coast Regional Council (six years Deputy Chairman), a past District Council community board member, along with successful historical project initiatives/management and being an accredited RMA Hearing Commissioner who has deliberated on a variety of consenting matters, this means that he has the knowledge and 'can do' background for the role. Peter regards Westpower with its successful subsidiaries, as one of the region's most progressive 'home-grown' success stories that commands a leading position economically and environmentally given the recent demise of others. It must continue investigating and promoting positive opportunities that will develop and maintain the likes of vital distribution infrastructure to enhance our prosperity and wellbeing. Greymouth born, with his wife Rose, they raised their four children at their family home in Rapahoe, where they have resided for many years.